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Recent deal: posted 2/15/2020

Jennifer Leahy, Douglas Elliman

"It was a pleasure using SparkOffer which allowed me to get the job done quicker for my client than the competition."

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90% of our listed homes sell within 45 days

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Sold: 220 Cortina Dr

 Mountain Village, CO 81435

After just 41 days on SparkOffer, we received several offers within our desired price range and finally accepted an offer for $3.65M with a quick closing.” Sean Hakes, Seller

Listed by Jake McTigue

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Recently Sold

  • 34

35 Beechcroft Rd

Greenwich, CT 06830
SOLD for: $3.6M
Time from listing to sale 30 days
  • 81

220 Cortina Dr

Mountain Village, CO 81435
SOLD for: $3.65M
Time from listing to sale 41 days
  • 21

12 Golden Harvest Rd

Roxbury, CT 06783
SOLD for: $2.137M
Time from listing to sale 25 days
  • 13

37 Old Fields Rd

Sandwich, MA 02563
SOLD for: $350K
Time from listing to sale 5 days
  • 8

81 Hitching Post Rd

Chatham, MA 02633
SOLD for: $1.05M
Time from listing to sale 85 days
  • 7

165 Old Mill Rd

Barnstable, MA 02648
SOLD for: $424.5K
Time from listing to sale 44 days

What you’ll get


We market digitally to our database of over 1,000,000 buyers.


Keep your seller and watchers updated in real time.


Receive multiple offers and move to closing quicker.

Agent Testimonial

“After having 25 Orchard Hill Lane on the market for a year without finding a buyer, SparkOffer helped me to get multiple offers for my clients in less than 3 weeks. It really helped my clients achieve their goal of selling quicker.”

Patte Nusbaum, Realtor

The Best Part is

You still get your full commission

No listing fees…

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I’m Mike…We make being an Agent easier and I started SparkOffer for a simple reason...

I created SparkOffer to help agents and sellers get offers on homes that have been languishing on the market. There is a point in the seller/agent relationship that everyone starts getting frustrated and fatigued.

I’ve asked many agents and sellers – if this was a movie and you to name the villain, who would it be? They both name each other!!!

My goal is for SparkOffer to be the lifeline in this relationship. We’ve created a platform and process for you to stay at the center of the relationship. This delivers value to your client and gets them what they want. They want offers, and better yet – multiple offers, so they can make decisions because they are ready to get moving.

We make being an Agent easierif you’re reading this, you’re likely...

…to be searching for an answer to some form of this common question – how do I get this listing sold before its expires?

  • You have probably had listings expire in the past, only to see them go to another agent with a price reduction you wanted and then watch the property sell.
  • We know how frustrating this can be.
  • You had a 0% return on investment of the money you spent on photography, videos, and advertising.
  • And worse yet, you can’t recover the time that you spent working and this listing.
  • All the time you spent holding broker open houses, showings, and preparing the marketing is no use now.
  • SparkOffer is a platform built on sales strategies to help you get homes sold quicker.
  • It’s for you to create happy buyers and sellers.
  • It keeps you at the center, making you that star agent that gets the home SOLD.

List Your Property on SparkOffer


Yes. Agents on both sides of the transaction will continue to be compensated along any pre-negotiated rates. SparkOffer is a marketing and offer platform designed to get sellers the best terms.

Buyer’s agents create an account on SparkOffer and submit an offer on standard local forms. Offer must be accompanied by proof of funds or mortgage letter in order for a complete submission.

We have a robust database of over 1 million people that we market to digitally across multiple channels that include Facebook, Instagram and Email.

No. Your client is free to accept, reject or counter any of the offers without any financial obligation to SparkOffer.

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